Thursday, August 2, 2012

Babes in Toyland - Peel Sessions

Evening all,continuing with more peel related reposts this evening.i first heard this band on an NME compilation cassette years ago and the song catatonic,which is the first track on this peel session album recorded at various dates between 1990 and 92.ive still got the cassette somewhere and it also had madness,the cure,the happy mondays etc on it amongst others so i must see if i can find it.(does anyone else remember this ?it had a silver cover with black writing and i think there was a track from the damned as well probably about 12 tracks in total,has anyone got it for posting please?)and i think i still have some of the babes in toyland sessions on vinyl somewhere as well.anyway this compilation was requested by dan so here you go mate.please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


SriRacha Shark said...

That rings a bell. Was it Select magazine?

gobshyte said...

i think you might be right actually.i dont suppose you have a copy?cheers

SriRacha Shark said...

Well, there's good news and bad news. I do have a copy but it's 6,000 miles away in a box in my mum's loft. :(

Was it from the NME or Select? There seemed to be a plethora of these magazines around at that time : Lime Lizard was another.

This is a great site by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

The cassette came with Select magazine was called Radio Daze. It has a silver cover with the text in black and white.

It is out there to download, because I did just that earlier this year, but damn if I can recall the site it came from. A bit of niffty work on Google should find it.

Anonymous said...

brilliant mate, thanks for the upload(dan here speaking)...... i spent all last night downloading babes in toyland as im just completely amazed by how bloody scary'ily amazingly attractive her vocals are...and the eyes..... .... and i love peel sessions of bands this is just a total win download....much appreaciated mate!, if u ever get a chance to upload any more babes in toyland in the future, ull get my download for sure!

Chowbent said...

I've just dug out a copy of the Radio Daze tape from the cupboard in the front room, looks as though its from Vox magazine not Select. 15 tracks from Peel Sessions inc The Cure, Madness, Syd Barrett, PJ Harvey and the Damned.

If I can get old walkman going I'll digitize it for uploading.


dchughes62 said...

Just seen this as a reposting. This site has a bunch of MNE tapes uploaded, as well as some for Select and other sources.


gobshyte said...

thanks david,ill check it out


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