Friday, October 5, 2012

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Glastonbury 1999

this repost was requested by Terry and an excellent show for you it is.this one is taken from a (probably)bbc radio 6 re-broadcast in 2003(i think).anyway its 12 tracks long and features a great mix of clash and mescaleros faves.joe is on great form and dedicates 'rock the casbah' to an ex-drummer of his you may have heard of.the sound here is brilliant and sounds fantastic on either good speakers or you really,really have no excuses in not playing this c.d loud,enjoying it and then leaving a comment on it.thanks!


Rich said...

What an awesome set from Joe & the boys! I was thinking about the Glastonbury documentary when they are playing Straight To Hell and Joe clobbers the BBC camera! Classic moment..." one less cctv..." Do you know if it's from the same set? I bought the Glastonbury double cd just for that performance of Straight To Hell.It's my favorite non-Clash version of the track-bar one other...Live @Bizarre Fest. in Cologne Germany. Thanks for the share,got this playing real loud on my headphones as i type! Top notch!

Anonymous said...

many thanks for the posts! Large up yourself, everytime! gwan, star! big ups!!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. I was just infront of Joe when he took out the BBC camera. Cheers!

Kevin George said...

I was also at the barriers infront of that camera! Excellent viewing and performance.


Anonymous said...

an awesome post, thanks, it is my eternal shame that i never saw the clash (too young)or joe (had the chance and missed it)so i appreciate any chance to live vicariously through mondo

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I checked out the double lp 'london calling' from the library after hearing 'gates of the west' on the saturday radio show and sure enough..glad I did. I will add to 'anon's' post above and chime in with AWESOMENAL as it is Fall season now here in U.S. wink and nod gobble gobble Viacomcomd


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