Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Clash and friends cover Louie Louie

hi all.ok id better explain a bit about this post.whilst listening ages ago to the clash version of garage punk classic 'louie louie' i remembered i also had several other versions of this track.i had ones by iggy pop,motorhead,the beach boys,the kingsmen,richard berry,black flag and so on.i thought it would be a good idea to try and compile as many other versions as i could.with all the ones i found this posting could easily have run for several postings,there are so many out there!ive put the ones i liked the best including all the ones mentioned above.theres some great instrumental and easy listening versions here anyway if you like this song and like me youre a bit of an obsessive nerd(my wifes words not mine!) then youll love here you go with 27 (yes 27!!) versions of one of my top 3 alltime favourite songs.sit back, listen, relax and enjoy this compilation of a proto-garage-punk-reggae-easy listening-headbanging classic.then leave a comment.thanks!


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Cheers for a great but sometimes wierd selection. Not all files tagged so who are the artists on tracks 3,4,9 & 11? Guessing one might be Manfred Mann whilst another sounds like one of those high school marching band things. Really don't have a clue though. Thanks.

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love it --thanx !
great blog Mondo de muebles

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