Friday, May 15, 2009

UK Subs - Live at the roxy

todays post is a live album from the uk subs recorded at the famous roxy club in londons covent garden back in 77.some great stuff here including another fave of mine 'i live in a car'.so play this till you pogo like it was 1977 again then come to the computer to leave a comment.thanks!enjoy


D said...

Have a look here for The Stupids, they have a compilation listed hope its the one your looking for.

Bill said...

silly me, just found your blog after all this time. Congrats you Specials/Clash freak. Good stuff; thank you.

lazy said...

The Stupids - RockNRoll


1. Pretty legs
2. The officer
3. Radio
4. Happy as far
5. Here she comes
6. Bring me down
7. Why Swear My love?
8. High on ice
9. No compromise
10. Give my live back
11. House of satan
12. Duby ruby
13. Afraid of the world
14. Music for the new year

Darren said...

Nice blog.

You can get Sex, Chips and Rock N Roll at the following bit torrent site:

lazy said...

here you go my friend...
just 12" diff host dont no what one works

remixes of 12"

And The lp flo-rida-mail-on-sunday-bonus-track.

topper said...

thanx for the good old favourite


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