Friday, March 22, 2013

General Public - Live '86

todays repost is an absoute cracker.its a live show from general public recorded in philadelphia in reading horace panters book 'skad for life' at the moment and in it he talks about his time with general public and what great shows they were to do.anyway it reminded me i had a show of theirs somewhere and after some frantic searching through boxes of stuff found it in a shoebox of cd's inside a suitcase which was under the bed!its a great quality sound recording and they cover a couple of beat songs as well.theres also a nice little speech from saxa on cd2 which is a nice over to you guys now to listen,dance enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
descargar aqui amigos!
p.s i highly recommend horace panters book if you havent read it.he comes accross as a really nice guy who loves the music and it also has some real laugh out loud moments.i got mine in a shop called 'fopp' in covent garden in london for only £3.!!


Ron said...

Nice Suprise! Thanks Very Much !!

kennyhel77 said...

Hey there Kenny from Days Of Our Yoiuth here. I got you message about the Trial album. I'd love to hear it when you have a chance. I have to admit your blog is one of my faves!!!

Captain Skalett said...

Hello Mr Gobshite,
What a great site.I have to admit to being somewhat of a British Colonial settler (ie i've raped, pillaged and planted my flag atop your tower). Please let me explain. I acquired tickets for The Specials at Brixton and fell quite accidentally upon your Aladdin's Cave soon after.I thought "BLOG ???, that's one of those diary/musing things". What a fool i was. You sir, is a top bloke.

badactorinky said...

Any chance for a re-up? I got this show from you way back when, but had a hard drive crash, and it's gone. would dearly love to have it back. thanks in advance, and for all the great posts over the years.

bazzil said...

Looking foward to hearing this, haven't heard much live stuff from them.


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