Friday, February 6, 2009

The clash - all the young punks part 2

ok here is a track list for the post below.its quite similar to the d.o.a posting and to a couple of other boots floating about.but if like me your a completist then youll want it anyway.but you may want to check first.actually ill put the tracklist in the comments.for future posts ill try and ( if i remember )to post tracklists for boots that ive seen in other versions if that helps you decide to d/l or not.thanks to dz for bringing this to my attention.i cant believe i didnt notice before.cheers mate!


gobshyte said...

1.clash city rockers (demo)
2.white man in hammersmith palais(glasgow?) so bored with the usa(glagow?)
4.janie jones(glasgow?)
5.white riot(glasgow?)
6.complete control(glasgow?)
7.white man in hammersmith palais(rock against racism) opportunities(polydor)
9.white riot(polydor)
10.janie jones (polydor)
11.londons burning(polydor)
13.whats my name(music machine)
14.police and thieves(birmingham?)
15.garageland(rudeboy demo)
16.white riot(no backing vocals) so bored(leicester)
18.hate and war(leicester)
19.48 hours(leicester)
21.police and thieves(leicester)
22.cheat (leicester) radio(leicester)
24.whats my name(leicester)
25.protex blue(leicester)
26.remote control(leicester)
1.1977(beaconsfield demo)
2.white riot(beaconsfield demo)
3.londons burning(beaconsfield demo)
4.the prisoner(mickey foote demo?) radio( so it goes tv show)
6.janie jones(so it goes tv show)
7.whats my name(so it goes show)
8.garageland(so it goes tv show) the studio(mickey foote session) so bored with the usa(mickey foote)
11.londons burning(mickey foote)
12.white riot(mickey foote)
13.white riot alt version(mickey foote) opportunities(mickey foote)
15.1977(mickey foote)
16.janie jones(instrumental)
18.1-2 crush on you(roundhouse)
19.i know what to think about you(roundhouse)
20.i never did it(roundhouse) can i understand(roundhouse)
22.protex blue(roundhouse)
23.janie jones(roundhouse)
24.mark me absent(roundhouse)
25.deadly serious(roundhouse)
26.48 hours(roundhouse) so bored with you(roundhouse)
28.sitting at my party(roundhouse)
29.londons burning(roundhouse)
30.whats my name(roundhouse)

dz said...

Thanks man, I already have all the ones on here, but keep it up.

Emma said...

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