Friday, February 7, 2014

Culture - Peel Sessions

This great peel sessions post comes courtesy of Neil in Lewisham. Culture are a reggae band formed in 1976 and became huge favourites with punks at the time particularly the track "two sevens clash" which is featured here along with 3 other tracks for your listening pleasure. Many thanks neil for this link.anyways please listen, enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
Culture Peel sessions


Anonymous said...

Loving all these posts, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Great post, cheers! Mats Stockholm

Mr R said...

Hi there
Know this about comics but didnt think you would see the posting.
Do you remember a comic from the early eighties called "Speed" (I think) that had a strip with a stunt man who wore a metal mask?

schang1 said...

Hi we’re GENIUS from Busan, South Korea. Our 3rd album BEACHES from Helicopter Records was released Feb. 1 2014. Please check out the stream here:

If you like it, we'd love a mention or a play.

'Catch a Job' is a slower track than we normally do so it's our special baby on this one. (download enabled)

'Thanksgiving' is our pop love song.

‘Lost Dick’ is a breezy summer ode to lost penises and the rest of the album is a little different and killer of course.

Our G/V Kim Il Du was named 2013’s Voice of the Year by GQ Korea and GENIUS was named one of Korea's best live acts 2013 by Korea Gig Guide. That was also the year we first toured the U.S.

Korea is hell for rock and roll so we hope to reach an international audience.

Every band is good, but not many bands are special and we think we're special. We love when people see us for the first time and get excited like: 'What the hell was that??'

Mostly we just want to play loud and fast, having done so with Japandroids, This Will Destroy You, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Ra Ra Riot, No Age, The King Khan & BBQ Show, French Horn Rebellion, Jeffrey Lewis, Carsick Cars, Xiu Xiu, Retros, etc.

Our influences include Ralph Wiggum, pro wrestling, The Cramps, punk '76, pulp comics, Pedro the Lion, schlock films, cold grapes, Al Bundy, dry socks, The Walkmen, Bob's Burgers, Pavement, drunk ballads, and the young Chow Yun Fat.

We have many different styles so we hope you try the whole album and enjoy the music.

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