Friday, January 10, 2014

The Armagideon Times Vols 1-3 Please help!

Afternoon all and welcome to Muebles Towers on this unusually sunny afternoon in old london town. I have a request for help here for all you good people out there in interweb land. I have the 3 vols of Armagideon Times that came with the recent box set extravaganza but what i would really like is digital copies of them so i can keep gobby juniors jam covered hands off them and so i can read them on my kindle. Does anyone know if there is anywhere to buy them digitally or does someone have them as a pdf and would be willing to send that my way? If you can help in anyway please get in touch.thanks for reading!

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monomod said...

hi gob.
i don't know the size but if you are looking for a swift solution (and i guess you do) i would simply take pictures with the mobile and if you need pdf simply download an app.
i know this is not satisfying 100% but at least a way to go through the stuff NOW.
after that you will have all the time for an appropriate scan.


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