Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can anyone help with a request please?

Im looking for the peel sessions recorded by The Outcasts and Rudi.the outcasts did 2 in 81 and 82 and Rudi in 81 i believe.ive seen them posted on youtube but im looking for them in mp3's. Im asking for these as i watched the film Good Vibrations last night (my DVD arrived yay!)its available here Good Vibrations DVD from Amazon and is definitely worth a watch and purchase( for those who dont know its the story of Terri Hooley and his setting up of the label/collective of the films title.a brilliant film). Anyway it reminded me that these bands had recorded sessions for Mr. Peel and try as i might i cant find them. Can anyone help fill this gap in my collection?Thanks

EDIT: Many thanks to Dirk over at http://sexy-loser.blogspot.de/ who very kindly sent me the outcasts from 82 and rudi from 81 peel sessions. Check out his blog some great Peel related stuff there and lots of other goodies.Thanks very much mate its much appreciated.


Dirk said...

Hekllo Gob,

I found the Rudi '81 + the Outcasts '82 sessions on youtube. Can convert them into mp3's for you if you like .... at least it would mean a little 'thank you' for all the brilliant stuff you gave to us over the years ....

Just let me know,

Dirk from Sexyloser

gobshyte said...

Hi Dirk

Mate if you could that would be brilliant.are you able to split them into individual mp3s?but whatever you can send would be much appreciated.thanks again

Dirk said...

You mean one mp3 for each track? Should be no problem, just give me a few days ... which mail adress shall I post them to?

Dirk said...

Most welcome, darling ... glad I could help out here!

kennyhel77 said...

I would love to hear that too...been after The Outcasts Peel Sessions forever!

Anonymous said...

Try this

just copy and paste you tube address

The Worm

Anonymous said...

Saw your request on If Music Could Talk for The Clash. Try here: http://growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/


Shaun said...

Go to audiomp3box.com and type in Peel Sessions and the year that you want and lo and behold a selection of sessions appear.

Ex Sonido Underground said...

maybe this interests you


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