Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Request - Please help!!!

Evening all.what im asking for peoples help with is an audio rip of the specials rock goes to college show.a track by track rip that i can stick on the eye podd when i go on my hols in 2 asking cos ive been watching the video at work today (very quiet in the close season!!)on youtube and its a feckin brilliant gig as you all know and id love to have a version i can pop on a cd etc.anyways i hope someone has got one of these or can point me in the right direction for one.thanks very much


Anonymous said...

Hi the easiist way is to download software just type in youtube to mp3 converter and away you go my daughter showed me! lol its easy free and i have not looked back cheers paulo

iano1 said...

Download the you tube clip on real player. You tube that to find out how!!! Then convert to mp3 using real player. If you want you can clip each track after. Good luck!!!

gobshyte said...

Deco - thanks a million fella that is brilliant.great feckin stuff.i havent published the link but will if you dont mind so others can have this.anything you want i can put on a dvd and post it?just leave yer address in the comments and what youd like.i wont publish the comment!!thanks again

Anonymous said...

Rips youtube vids to MP3 if you need to


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