Monday, January 16, 2012

The Undertones - Green Rock 1979

Ok for the first post of 2012 (and actually technically the 5th year of the blog!!sort of!) we have this footage of the undertones on an irish tv show called Green Rock from 1979.the footage is probably a video of a video etc etc but is definitely watchable and very listenable.this post comes courtesy of my good mate cesar in sunny santiago.gracias amigo!anyway please watch,enjoy and leave a comment.

p.s this post is about 30 minutes long and is 11 tracks or so and also has an interview.
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martin41smith said...

Thanx to you and cesar for this mate, anything by the undertones back in the day will do for me

Anonymous said...

Good Stuff !!!
Thank You.

Budtheweiser said...

loveley dont have this thanks a lot mate

bazzil said...

I'd almost forgotten how fkn great The Undertones were back then!

OpenGTuning said...

I remember watching this at the time, all I can remember is Sharkey bending over and his fringe covering his face most of the time, hopefully I can still download this when I get home from work. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

cheers for uploading all this great music!it's much appreciated :)


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