Saturday, December 24, 2011

UB40 - Peel Sessions

Seasons greetings to all of interweb land.this christmas cracker (bdum tsh!!) comes courtesy of mr. camden dave who stopped by muebles towers last night. anyways this is a compilation of 2 UB40 sessions from '80 and '82 and is a great listen especially the tracks 'king'and 'food for thought' from the session broadcast in 1980. the second session is in one longish file as neither of us had the technical prowess to split it into 4 seperate tracks but we are hoping someone out there will !its a great listen cos you get all john peels between song banter etc between songs as well.anyways dont know if i will get a chance to post anymore today as i still have all the christmas shopping to do so if i dont merry christmas or happy holidays or whatever to all of please now listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Anonymous said...

always thought ub40 should have called it a day after signing off or at least before red red wine and all that nonsense, the version of food for thought on this session is cracking

martin41smith said...

mate what a christmas cracker of a post, UB40 at there very best, great to have you back.agree with the other comment 100%

gobshyte said...

i agree with both of you.when they started playing all this 'lite' reggae which is really horrible and sounds like its played on crappy kids casio keyboards they should have quit and left behind a wonderful legacy.but hey what do i know eh?
merry christmas chaps!


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