Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ultravox - Hamburg 78+Peel Session 77

as requested by Scott Oswald here is a good sounding live show from ultravox in hamburg recorded in 1978,and a peel session from 77.please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!sorry it took so long to repost mate :)
Ultravox Hamburg/Peel Session


pete said...

not heard much early ultravox but i bet this is a cracker! cheers shytey!!

lidge84 said...

thanx so much for this,early ultravox were so under-rated at the time,i adored those first 3 lps and often still play them.thanxs again for a great blog.

princecharly said...

cheers for this - ultrafoxx were always the better of the two

Anonymous said...

Nice one, gobshyte! Some info: as the text in your download also shows, this is 7th March 1978 at Onkel Po's Carnegie Hall, Hamburg - any idea where the date on the cover in the post comes from? I ask because there is a low-quality boot of Ultravox at the Kant Kino in Berlin on 8th November '78, so a German tour that month seems to ring true - just not for this recording.

Anyway, here's many more early gigs - I run an online bootleg archive of pre-Midge Ure Ultravox, preserving all the gigs made available by garychching at the late great asfm and then adding whatever else comes up. Find'em all here:


The best early gig is the full version of Marquee 26th December 1978 on the Echoes of Pleasure vinyl bootleg, also indexed; the late 1976 German Rockpop gig (video and mp3s) is essential!

Find similar bootleg archives on Here & Now/Planet Gong, Gang of Four, Television, Faust, JJ Burnel solo, and (on the second page) Magazine here:


Hope ya find something you'd like!

Cheers, Dave Sez.

gobshyte said...

greetings mr.dave sez
i think what i did when i did a quick cover is mixed up the 2 dates for the gig and the peel session so the 21/11 is the date of the peel session and the '78 was the year of the gig.im very sorry and it wont happen again.or actually possibly will,im not sure!ill be sure to check out the blog too mate.thanks again!

Anonymous said...

So indeed ya did, gobshyte! 21/11 is the Peel date. No probs at all, and do it again anytime, you give us great music! You'll find other megaposts of mine (Television/Richard Hell, Here & Now/Planet Gong, Gang of Four and (on the second page, with Ultravox) Magazine, here:


Hope you find something you like, and thanks for your work! Cheers, Dave Sez.

Ollie Stench said...


scott oswald said...

i know it's 2018 and you've probably got other stuff happening in your life...but....what's the chance of re-uploading this ultravox 1978 show...or alternatively, sending it to my email address....lildevil@blueyonder.co.uk. I'm a huge ultravox fan and I've never heard this gig before.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and great to hear from you again "Welcome Back" You have a great posts. Cheers from LA, California. Moises.

scott oswald said...

this hamburg show is a definite rarity where ultravox is concerned. thanks for re-posting it. I've always been torn as to which ultravox era I like most...foxx or ure. I suppose, if I'm being honest, I like the ure stuff more but the first 2 foxx era albums are well good. had a chance to see the band in 1982 in Edinburgh but for some reason knocked the offer back...how stupid eh


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