Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Pogues - Live 2009

a great live show tonight from the pogues recorded at the rock in idro festival in 2009.a really great sound and the band on top form makes this show a definite keeper.anyhoo please listen enjoy and if you have a moment please leave a comment.thanks!


Stevie said...

Thanks, looking forward to hearing it. Going to see them next month.

Longy said...

Cheers for this one Gobshyte. It might help me get over the Sunderland fiasco.

bob said...

thank you..great band

Anonymous said...

I was there. Great show !! SxDx and Flogging Molly also......................but the FUCKERS stole my money !!!!!
Thanks for the memorys !

Anonymous said...

would love to hear this but link is dead

gobshyte said...

hi anonymous
the link is fine mate!

Anonymous said...

cheers 4 this one .
link didnot work the other day but seems fine today.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a repost of this, please? ...and, thank you!


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