Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Request from Gobshyte

evening listeners.i was wondering if anyone had a link they could send me please for the live version of 'stereotype' by the specials that was on the 'live side' of the compilation album the 2-tone story.i did have it but ive lost it.thanks very much


eJo. said...

Hi Man !

Maybe you will find wot you're lookin' for here >>


TanX & "bravo pour ton blog" ;-)

kennyhel77 said...

I have loads of Specials, but not that sorry guys!

Zero Gravity Muzik said...

Hi, I have a nice high quality MP3 file of it. If you want I can e-mail it to you. It is about 12 mb.

gobshyte said...

hi eJo,thanks for those links but sadly thats not the compilation i was looking for.it was originally a double vinyl compilation released in 89-90 ish that i had on cassette.
cheers ken,not to worry mate
and zero gravity muzik i would email you but as im a bit thick i cant find your email address!!!


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