Wednesday, December 16, 2009

John Peel - A Punk Rock Special

hello,good afternoon,hola y buenas tardes:a nice little post here today from the late great john peel.its a show originally broadcast on 10th december 1976.its nothing we havent really heard before but it features some great chat from mr. peel before each track and is a nice compilation to have.featured artists are amongst others, the damned,the ramones,tuff darts,iggy pop,the seeds etc.anyway play this loud,enjoy the music and musings from j.p and then leave a comment.thanks!oh if anyone thinks about doing a cover for this please let me would be much appreciated.thanks again
p.s please click on the post title to get the link!


4 dogs records said...

I hope you spend Happy Punxmas Holidays !

Ron said...

Thanks For This !!

Spikes Rotten said...

Thanks mate,great compilation,especially with Peels links between tracks .Spot on comments for Pistols as this must have been broadcast weeks after the Grundy interview.

gobshyte said...

hello 4dogs,ron and spikes.cheers for the comments and thanks for visiting!

garychching said...

Magic, got all the songs (of course) but hearing Peel brings back fond memories.

Thanks and have a great Xmas.


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