Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Clash - Give 'em enough dope

After coming across this cd in a box today i did a little research on it and found this at

"There is a curious story behind this CD. Sometime in 1988, three EP’s showed up that contained what sound very much like professionally recorded versions of Clash I and II songs, cut from the 1984 tour. The cover art was a melange of candid shots of the band, from both lineups. Included was a pristine run-through of the last great Clash song, the unreleased ‘In the Pouring, Pouring Rain’. And Clash-fan heads have been scratched ever since. Rumors circulated that the tracks were released by castoff guitarist Nick Sheppard, but no proof of that has ever been offered. Other speculation abounded that they were the work of one Kosmo Vinyl, who was preparing to move to the US from England at the time. However, no one has come forth and claimed responsibility .What is remarkable about these tracks is not only do they sound professionally recorded, they sound professionally mixed. There seems to be stereo separation, the drums are soaked in reverb ( something you wouldn’t hear on a soundboard recording) and the levels were high and clean. And the CD gives you a nice contrast between Clash II and the dismal Sun Plaza gig, effectively making the case for the second lineup’s existence."
so listen to this cd and decide for yourselves.i like this even though i wasnt sure about it because a lot of it is the clash II.but its agreat listen all the same.ive included 2 lots of cover art is a set i found on the web somewhere but i cant remember where (sorry!) and the one that the cd was in.anyway listen to and enjoy this one and then leave a comment.thanks!

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