Friday, June 15, 2012

The Clash - Outside Broadcasts Repost

Hola y Buenas tardes amigos. Welcome back to muebles towers on this thursday afternoon in old london town. today we have a mega repost for you. Its volumes 1-7 of my own Clash and clash related compilation series Outside Broadcasts. Volume 8 has already been reposted on the blog so a quick check in the search box will find it for you. This repost was requested by quite a few people so i thought now was the time to do it and also as Gobshyte junior is having a nap!For those of you that havent had the chance to sample any of the volumes before, each one is packed with clash rarities, remixes,mashups and also covers from other artists(too numerous to mention!)some surprising collaborations,B.A.D live,more rarities etc etc.I have really enjoyed putting this series together and am working on volumes 9+10 as we speak. I must thank jim at for sending me the B.A.D files.i have used a couple of B.A.D ska remixes in vol.10 so before i forget jim many thanks old putting a dvd together for you as without further ado please listen,enjoy,send in suggestions for tracks youd like to see included in further vols and ill do my best to include them,and of course leave a comment. thanks!


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

How considerate my dear Gobshyte to save this old man the look up of these seven and thanks for the Specials updates as of late too.

james said...

no problems with b.a.d files let me know what you want of my list


nuevodiscorude said...

20hello --thanx for this great blog ---clashical salute from rude hi-fi ----
HERE some remix of Clash stuff ,i think real Clash fans will apreciate ---keep pn the good work!!


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