Thursday, November 22, 2018

UK Subs - Demos '77

A 4-track collection of subs demos recorded in 1977.the tracks featured are 'telephone numbers','disease','tomorrows girls' and 'stranglehold'.this is a brilliant sounding collection that is screaming to be played loud.a great punk e.p sort of thing.ive been listening to this as i type and stranglehold is packed with old school punk rock goodness.i really think youre going to like this as usual its time to crank this sucker up,enjoy some classic punk rock and then leave a comment on it.Thanks!!
Subs 77


biopunk said...

Thanks Gobshyte!

gobshyte said...

always a pleasure biopunk!

Anonymous said...

Great, saw the UK Subs yesterday at The Strand - Södermalm Stockholm.

33 years between the demos, and they did all songs except Telephone Numbers.
Best wishes - Robert - Stockholm

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for offering so many brilliant pieces there's no other way of laying a hand on otherwise! thanks again and again and again and ever!

Anonymous said...



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