Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Smiths - Peel Sessions repost

here you go kids the first of several peel related sessions for you today.this one features 4 sessions recorded by the smiths.there are dates on the cover but im not sure if these are recorded dates or broadcasted dates if you get what i mean.anyway its all quality stuff.but again with the smiths im not exactly an encyclopedia of knowledge so any corrections on the dates or rarity of the tracks recorded etc would be great.anyway you have 16 songs recorded here for the late, great john now its time to listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this one up for the masses.
I can remember hearing "Miserable Lie" on John Peel Show on Radio 1 for the first time.
The guitars amazed me (and everything that Marr has done is Genius) it just sounded so different....
Still stands up 20 or so years later.
Keep up the good work.
love & unity,
Mr C.
[Sunny Southampton]

dz said...

theres some other covers of it, I got that last one, and it was the one that turned me on to the smiths in general. ace stuff.

Chowbent said...

Cheers for this

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else getting a 'corrupt file' message on Still Ill?

julio said...

track 12 damaged , thanks


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